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Getting your Arkansas Concealed Handgun Carry License

Step 1: Read the following two documents   (if possible print and bring a copy to class with you)
Step 2: Apply through the Arkansas State Police website and obtain an Authorization Number
Step 3: Choose a certified instructor from whom you will recieve your training certificate and finger print cards
Step 4: Your material is then submitted to State Police Headquarters for approval

Course Length Classroom Range Round Count Price
1. Basic pistol course 8 hrs 3 hrs 5 hrs 250 $225
Basic Pistol
date of class
2. Advanced pistol course 8 hrs 1 hrs 7 hrs 400 $300
Advanced Pistol
date of class
3. Concealed Carry Class 8 hrs 6 hrs 2 hrs 100 $125
CC Basic
date of class
4. Concealed Carry Practical 8 hrs 2 hrs 6 hrs 250 $250
CC Practical
date of class
5. NRA Basic Pistol Class 8 hrs 4 hrs 4 hrs 200 $200
NRA Basic
date of class
6. Individual Training (one on one)
prearranged via email/phone
minimum 4 hours $50/hr per person
7. Corporate Range Shoot Out
a fun day away from the office!
minimum 4 hours Call for Pricing
8. Custom Group Class
tailored to your group
minimum 4 hours Call for Pricing
9. (optional) Reserve Ammunition/Expendables
Please speak to a representative for a quote before reserving ammunition

  • we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone
  • all classes are by appointment only
  • all deposits are NONREFUNDABLE
  • Be sure to read the "what to bring" document in advance
  • Failure to abide by TTS rules may result in expulsion
  • 10 min breaks every hour and 30 min lunch
  • Bring your own lunch
  • water, sodas, and snacks available at $1.00 ea
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"I had the pleasure of spending a few days on the TTS Range with Tim a couple of months ago. I am a 21-year-old female and a college student, so I thought it would be helpful to learn some basics on self-defense and learn how to shoot. The range is located on 170 acres of beautiful land with lots of open grass, as well as ponds and woods. I really liked that it was private and in an outdoor setting as it allowed me to feel comfortable and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors while learning. I was excited to learn how to shoot a gun, so that was the first thing Tim worked on with me. I appreciated that he took the time to fully explain how the gun worked and how to safely handle it to prevent any accidents. Holding a gun in your hand for the first time can be pretty overwhelming, so it was great to have someone as experienced and collected as Tim to walk me through it. I practiced shooting with multiple types of guns on multiple types of targets and Tim was standing there for every single shot telling me ways to improve and telling me when I was doing it correctly. By the time I left I was hitting the target at the same spot almost every single time and having a blast doing it! After getting me confident with my shooting, Tim decided it was time to play out some potential real life scenarios. This allowed me to experience what it might feel like if a situation ever arose where my safety was in jeopardy, and although it was scary, it allowed me to feel in control over the outcome, and not like a helpless victim. Tim also worked with me on self-defense without using a gun. He taught me a lot of valuable tricks he knows from his background as a Navy Seal. A lot of the techniques are things I would have never thought to do, but they are simple things that could potentially save my life. Although I had never taken a self defense class or shot a gun before, I left the TTS Range feeling confident and prepared to face the world. I would highly recommend Trident Tactical Shooting, and Tim in particular, for anyone who wants to learn to shoot or learn self-defense. Tim is extremely knowledgeable, patient, and focused, and his great attention to detail allows him to monitor and alter the technique of the person he is teaching until their technique is perfect. Tim is a genius at what he does and if he can teach a 21-year-old girl to shoot “As well as some of the Navy Seals he has met” in a 3-day period, he can teach anyone. "

- Michelle Toubeau

"My name is Cassidy Hurst I am a University of Arkansas Graduate, Real Estate Professional and I have been a resident of NW Arkansas for over 30 years. I have personally known Tim Permenter for about 10 years now. I have had the privilege and honor to shoot with Tim several times on multiple weapons platforms pistol, rifle and shotgun. I had always considered myself a fairly decent shooter, but every time I shot with Tim he gave me tips, techniques, and guidance that improved my shot, built my confidence, and improved my situational awareness. I have observed Tim instruct others in the art of shooting and self defense. He is a very patient instructor who is willing to put forth the time and effort to properly communicate safe and effective shooting strategies in a no nonsense easy to understand way to his students. Tim's facilities at Trident Tactical Shooting are more than adequate to accommodate most training needs. I have always considered Tim as a wealth of shooting and self defense knowledge with his long military career in the Navy Seals. I do personally believe that a Navy Seal is one of the best trained soldiers on the planet. Tim is my personal guru when it comes to shooting and self defense and I highly recommend him as an instructor to anyone wanting to improve their shooting and self defense skills. Tim has always impressed me with his professionalism and passion for instructing. I think you will you will be highly impressed!"

-Cassidy Hurst

I first met Tim while he was signing up for a series of classes I was teaching at the community college. We started talking and before long you would have thought we were long lost brothers! Thus starting a great friendship. As class started, he picked up the instruction right away, and soon was helping me with some of the other students. As the classes grew, the college decided to hire an adjunct instructor. With Tim’s natural ability to communicate with the other students in class and how well they responded to him, I asked if he would take the position. He did and put in much more than was expected.

I looked forward to every day being able to teach with Tim. Not a day went by that I didn’t learn something new. Tim always seemed to connect with the students in class, no matter what part of the country they were from. He has an enthusiasm in his way of sharing any information, and you can tell he loves what he’s doing.

I recently visited Tim, long overdue, and was able to spend a day on the range with him. It’s been many, many years since I have fired a hand gun, shotgun or rifle. Tim started me with the basics, which made me much more comfortable, and then progressed thru multiple types of fire arms on a wide range of targets. Many things about that day still amaze me. Other than the way Tim made it fun and safe, was his affirming my positive, and his ability to quickly see and offer corrective steps to strengthen my ability. Steps that worked each time! And he kept a smile on my face the entire time!

With Tim’s extensive knowledge and background in shooting, He will undoubtedly make a tremendous experience for anyone that has the good fortune of spending time with him. Best wishes with your start of Trident Tactical Shooting!

-Michael Jones

It seems like yesterday that Instructor Permenter was putting me through SEAL Training, but it was thirty years ago…

SEAL Training is intense, especially the Diving Phase for Students and Instructors alike. As Students, we did our best to kill ourselves each day in training and the Instructors did their best to stop us. The Instructors had much patience and incredible “Attention to Detail,” by recognizing problems and correcting them before they turned catastrophic. And there was none finer than SEAL Instructor Tim Permenter.

As good as all SEAL Instructors are there were plenty of Instructors that Students were afraid to approach from intimidation, we were afraid to ask important questions of them sometimes. Instructor Permenter was one we could always approach.

He demanded our very best each minute of the day. And when he didn’t get it he expressed disappointment in a very soft and calm manner that bothered us deeply as we had let down when he had done so much for us.

Deeply respected, I never heard him raise his voice, I never saw him distraught, and I never saw him in any situation, no matter how bad, in anything except a very cool and composed posture.

Tim Permenter was everything I thought a SEAL should be and everything I wanted to be. I learned much from him and I retired as a SEAL because of him…

A tip from me to anyone taking shooting lessons from Tim is to BE PREPARED and PAY ATTENTION. You don’t want to see that silent look of disappointment he’s famous for directed at you…

Not a better Instructor out there. You’ll learn much from Tim…

- Don Shipley BUD/S 131, SEAL Team ONE, SEAL Team TWO.

I spent many years with Tim Permenter as a United States Navy SEAL (actually most of my career). He was a professional, he was experienced, and he was an incredible mentor to me as a ‘new guy’ in the SEAL Teams years. Tim eventually became my Platoon Chief, and over the years we did several platoons (and deployments) together during Reagan’s ‘War on Drugs,’ and in other places of crisis on the international level. We also worked in the training department at our team for several years. During that period, Tim Permenter was the Chief of Training for the entire team. I looked up to him and had great respect for him throughout those years. In my eyes I’d been given an opportunity to work with one of the best. I was a man who could always appreciate good fortune when it presented itself. Back then Tim Permenter had (and still has) a rock solid reputation as a SEAL Operator. I think it’s great that he has decided to continue teaching others in critical skill sets (such as marksmanship/shooting) that each and every American should have skills in.

Tim Permenter is one of the most professional human beings I know. He is a man who can teach anyone to shoot, he can teach anyone to shoot quickly, and he can teach anyone to shoot safely - and accurately. He is someone I’d entrust to teach my family – my children – and ‘our generations to come’ here in America. It’s really just that simple to me.

Tim Permenter and I share the belief that every American has the right to defend themselves – and their family- from harm - and when necessary. If you are considering training at Trident Tactical Shooting you should also consider the following - - -

Tim Permenter was entrusted by the United States Government to lead young men (young Navy SEALs) into harm’s way - and back - for years. He did this successfully - each and every time he was tasked to do so. I have no doubt that he will lead (and teach) average Americans (men and women, matured and youthful) safely through their personal journeys as well - at Trident Tactical Shooting, and I wish him all the best in his endeavors.

Tim Permenter’s strongest attribute - is his ability to connect on a personal level as a firearms instructor. He is a genuinely caring person who can only bring out the best in people.

-Lt. Gary, author of military children's book, Never Far Apart

I first heard about Trident Tactical Shooting from the founder of Extreme Seal Experience, a BUD/S prep course on the east coast. As a novice, the idea of an entire course devoted exclusively to marksmanship and tactical shooting appealed to me, so I contacted Tim.

As it turned out, being a Canadian presented some gear challenges that might have sidelined me, but Tim moved Heaven and earth to accommodate a “Special Project from up North”.

Never having done anything like this before, I had no clue what to expect. As in any unknown situation, I had a range of possible outcomes in mind: from waste-of-time-and-money all the way to frigging-awesome-once-in-a-lifetime. Tim’s course easily zeroed in on the top end - more than that, in fact.

I had thought that being an absolute beginner – and I mean never before fired a pistol – would also be a problem. As it turns out, that worked to my advantage and I was able to see serious progress in a very short time.

I can honestly say that I am leaving Arkansas with skills, knowledge, and capabilities that I would never have dreamed of possessing. As an example, I’d always thought that the effective range of a pistol was about 10 to 30 feet. On my last day, during fire and movement drills, I was hitting a 1 by 2 foot plate from close to 120 feet away – with my first shots! I still can’t believe it. What can I say; Tim is a very, very good instructor.

One more thing I did not expect was the kind of people I’d be working with. Tim, and his Facility Manager Bob, are just fantastic people, and made me feel welcome within minutes of arriving. It was a pleasure working the range and spending time with them, and I can’t wait to come back.

Final note: if (as for me) part of the appeal is learning from a highly experienced SEAL, you will not be disappointed. While he is a soft-spoken, down-to-earth guy make no mistake about it, Tim is the real deal. Once he gets to know you, he’s generous with the stories, and they are epic.

Well worth 40 hours of driving between Ontario and Fayetteville, and back.


Tim Permenter

US Navy SEAL, Retired

President and founder of Trident Tactical Shooting, LLC

Highly Respected, Decorated Senior Enlisted Veteran

Navy SEAL Instructor / Master Training Specialist

Anti-Piracy Maritime Security Team Leader

Arkansas Concealed Handgun License Instructor

NRA qualified Range Safety Officer

NRA qualified Pistol Instructor

An expert with rifle, pistol and shotgun, who has attended multiple military and civilian weapons handling courses, Tim has combined this life time of experience to develop his sensible approach to shooting.

Trident Tactical Shooting Range

Trident Tactical Shooting, LLC, is situated on 175 secluded acres in Northwest Arkansas’, Madison County, less than one hour from XNA International Airport in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

We are off the beaten path where we can conduct training without interference.

Classroom: Indoor and outdoor classrooms which support up to ten students.


  • One 50-yard multiple distance pistol range for basic and advanced pistol training
  • Paper and reactive steel target systems
  • One 50-yard shotgun range for clay bird shooting and training
  • 200-yard known distance range for rifle sight-in
  • Other tactical ranges to be constructed soon!

Mission Statement

MISSION STATEMENT: To provide professional training necessary to ensure that all of our clients practice safe and tactical practices with all firearms.

MISSION PLAN: Establish progressive training from basic to advanced classes designed to ensure that anyone completing this training is properly prepared to carry a concealed weapon and can effectively deploy the weapon in any emergency situation.

A note from the President of Trident Tactical Shooting:

Mr. Tim Permenter, SEAL, retired

Students and fellow gun enthusiasts: Welcome to Trident Tactical Shooting!

Let me first thank you for allowing me this opportunity to assist in your endeavor to improve your shooting capability. I can assure you that you have made the right choice in attending my courses.

I’ve traveled the world over taking many different shooting courses over the years, and my program is a direct compilation of more than 35 years of weapons handling experience, organized with the direct purpose of developing a sensible approach to shooting that will enhance your skill level.

Every individual has their own reasons for wanting to improve their shooting skills, and I am prepared to mentor you toward reaching the skill level you are working to attain.

Our classes here at TTS begin with the very basic and gradually increase to advanced skills, which is the approach used in the Naval Special Warfare community.

It worked for me, and I know it will work for you too.

Having trained people for more than a quarter of a century, I realize that everyone does not learn at the same pace unless the content of the course is simple and easy to understand. Therefore, you will find my classes are designed in just that way. I encourage you to pay close attention in class and remember safety is always paramount here at Trident Tactical Shooting. Practice, Practice, Practice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do we bring our own ammunition?
    Yes. We prefer that you do. If you can't find it we will get it for you, but we need to know at least a week ahead of time.
  2. Do we bring our own weapons?
    Yes. We prefer that you train with your own weapon. If you do not have a weapon and are looking to purchase one, please email or call and we will discuss your options and provide tips to help you secure the right weapon to accomplish your plans.
  3. Can we bring our children to the range?
    No children under the age of 18 will be allowed on the premises without a legal guardian with them at all times.
  4. I am a registered felon. Can I shoot in your range?
    No. Registered felons are not allowed to own guns. You are certainly not welcome to shoot at our facility!